Detoxification essentially refers to the elimination of toxins or ‘accumulated wastes’ from the body. To understand entirely, what Detoxification entails, let’s first understand what the composition of your body is.

Your body, according to Ayurvedic principles is composed of 7 layers, or Dhatus.. which are:
1. Blood and Lymph
2. Skin and Muscles
3. Organs
4. Nervous System
5. Bones and Skeletal System (including ligaments, cartridge, joints, etc)

All of your body, your physical self, when broken down to its simplest components, are comprised of 6 elements. The same as those of everything that is part of ‘nature’ on this Earth. Plants, animals, insects, soil, tree bark, etc. This is what we consider or call, Organic.

These Elements are Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Sulphur.

The more balanced your body is, with the right composition of its essential components, the more balanced, functional and optimal your body and its performance will be. As you continue to build ‘Toxins’, foreign bodies, and elements that do not belong within the natural #matrix of your body, your body becomes sluggish, slow, and incapable of optimal function. This is the primary Cause of #onset of disease., suffering, and pain. According to Ayurveda Doshas, are broken into the Five Basic elemental forms of nature, or ‘being’ .. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. A healthy body has these elements in the right balance for its optimal functionality, based on the environment, conditions and necessities of the individual.

In our modern, new-age lives, we daily consume ‘toxins’ (or foreign chemicals) in the form of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, Atmospheric pollutants, etc. As complacent, and #organic we try to make our lives to be, modern Urban life is inescapable of constitutional remises.

All our battles with having good health; aches, pains, ailments, diseases and disorders are a causality of imbalances of our constitution. Flushing out resonant synthetic particles and accumulated toxins, helps the body reform and rejuvenate itself. A periodic flushing out of toxins keeps the body’s natural detoxifications processes at its maximal functionality. A cleaner digestive and lymphatic system, indeed does keep the human body #healthy, #wealthy and #wise .