Synerveda Relaxie Tea


Relaxie-Tea is a combination of herbs and botanical extracts that help calm your nerves, soothe your mind and alleviate stress. Shankhapushpi and Passion Flower are natural Mood Enhancers. These herbs work toward reducing Cortisol levels and boost neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Valerian rues help regulate the sleep cycle and promote restfulness. Bramhi is a Nootropic herb that helps reduce stress and negative thought patterns.

Servings: 20 Single Serve Sachettes



Synerveda Relaxie Tea Contains:

Used by the Ancient Egyptians as a Dream Tea Valerian Rues induces deep sleep, helps regulate sleep patterns and also enhances vividness in dreams.
A relaxing herb, chamomile helps wind you down after a long day and helps induce a tranquil, relaxed state of mind.
Shankhapushpi is a relaxant, that causes calm mindfulness and reduces stress. It is also recommended for depression and anxiety.
Passion Flower helps reduce anxiety, calming your mind and relaxing your body.
A soothing herb, baccopa or Bramhi helps calm your nerves, reduce negative thought patterns and help you attain a relaxed state of being.
Gotu Kola is a relaxing herb, that helps induce sleep. It is also extremely beneficial for improving cognitive functioning and memory retention

Directions for use: