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Energize | Synergize | Evolve

Energize | Synergize | Evolve

About Synerveda

The human body is composed of the same elements as that of all that is considered ‘nature’ on this planet. Plants, soil, animals, everything that is Organic. If our bodies have these natural elements in Balance, then we are in a healthy, optimum state of being. Dis-ease is caused when there is an imbalance in our body’s morphology, or Doshas as described in Ayurveda. Our goal is to help human-kind understand this, reconnect and Synergize with nature.

Plants are natures Healers. Since ancient times, Shamans have always used Plant extracts, infusions, roots, bark, flower essences, etc as cures. Most pharmaceutical Drugs even, are molecular derivatives of the Catechamines, Tannins, Alkaloids and other Phytochemicals that exist in nature. This is because plants have evolved simultaneously and synergistically with us. Plants that contain phytochemicals, etc that are beneficial to us, proliferate. Because they are used more and grown more. Plants that do not produce any benefits to us are more likely to die out and maybe even become extinct. Over the thousands of years, plants have evolved to give us molecules that we need for our health, well being, and more!

Our Teas are culminated blends of Ayurvedic herbs and other indigenous herbs from South America, India, Europe and China. These are ‘Functional Teas’ that are purposed to create a shift within you. Be it to Energize you, to calm your mind, reduce anxiety, help with sleep, weight loss, better breathing, etc. Our Teas are composed of concentrated botanical extracts and are specially formulated to optimize the Effects that you are trying to achieve within your body. We also provide whole herb blends, single herbs, and herbal supplements.


Herbs and Botanicals

Long Pepper

(Piper Longum)

Holy Basil

(Ocimum Tenuiflorum)


(Zingiber Officinale)

Country Mallow

(Sida Cordifolia)

Garcinia Cambogia

(Garcinia Gummi-Gutta)

Chanca Piedra

(Phyllanthus Niruri)

Milk Thistle

(Silybum Marianum)


(Petroselinum Crispum)

Dandelion Root

(Taraxacum Officinale)

Indian Gooseberry

(Phyllanthus Emblica)