Synerveda Detoxy Tea


Detoxy Tea is a blend of herbs, roots and other botanicals that help detoxify and protect your liver, kidneys and gall bladder. These herbs also help balance your doshas, promote secretion of digestive enzymes, regulate bile and strengthen your digestive system. Chanca Piedra and Milk thistle help protect your Liver and Kidneys from toxins such as Alcohol, synthetic chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. This blend is beneficial to protect your internal organs if you are on long term prescription drugs.

Weight: 30 Grams
Servings: 30 Servings



Synerveda Detoxy Tea Contains:

Dandelion root extracts open urethral passages, and aide in the detoxification processes of the kidneys, increasing urine output and flushing out toxins thus preventing issues such as high blood pressure and liver issues.
Contains antioxidants and alkaloids that are hepato-protective and nephron-reparative. Milk Thistle protects the liver from all sorts of Toxins, including pharmaceuticals, alcohol, etc.
Parsley is also quite commonly used as a Kidney cleanse. Parsley tea along with concentrated black tea is said to clear renal passages, eliminate residual wastes, toxins and calcification.
Gudduchi helps balance the three doshas, and also provides rejuvenation to the ‘Rasanyas’ (Body fluids) such as Bile, Plasma, etc.
Strengthens and repairs hepatatic cells, and also eases uretheal walls. Is known to help decrystalize and pass Kidney stones with ease.
Amla rejuvenates the tissues of the body and aides Detoxification primarily by improving digestion, digestive flow, circulation of fluids in the body, and improving ‘Pitta’ (digestive fire).
Black tea, is high in antioxidants and flavonoids that help rejuvenate renal cells. This leaf also adds a refreshing aroma and a distinguishable palette to the blend.

Directions for use:

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30 Servings (30 grams)