Synerveda Weight Loss Tea


Synerveda Weight Loss Tea is a blend of naturally invigorating herbs and blended botanicals. It works synergistically to improve your body’s Fat burning capacity by enhancing metabolism, reducing appetite, and enhancing energy levels. It helps boost stamina and endurance aiding you to expend more energy and burn calories faster.

No of Servings: 50



Synerveda Weight Loss Tea Contains:

Green Tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that help circulation and boost metabolic activity.
White Willow bark thins blood, reducing cholesterol and also enhances the effects of ephedra and garcinia
A revolutionary new trend in natural weight loss, Garcinia contains HCA (hydroxycitic acid) that enhances fat burn and helps boost metabolism
Ephedra boosts metabolism, increases energy levels and also acts as an appetite suppressant
Vasaka opens up your respiratory airways, improving your breathing and thus allowing you to push harder while exercising, and burning more calories
This perennial herb is a potent metabolizer, and has been proven to enhance lipogenisis (fat burn) and reduces appetite.

Directions for use:

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100 Servings (50 grams), 20 Servings (10 grams)