Indian Madder


  Binomial Name Calendula Officinalis Family Asteraceae Order Asterales Higher Classification Calendula Genus Calendula   Calendula Officinalis is a Marigold plant (also known as pot marigold) and it is widely known for its truly diverse benefits. Calendulas are a common garden plant and it belongs to the Asteraceae family. It can grow up to 60 … Continue reading “Calendula”

Gotu Kola

  Binomial Name Centella Asiatica Family Umbellifers Order Apiales Higher Classification Pennywort Genus Pennywort   Gotu Kola is a perennial herb that belongs to the parsley family and it is finally getting the recognition it deserves in the wellness industry. Although it may seem like this a nutrient-packed herb is gaining popularity only recently, it … Continue reading “Gotu Kola”

Passion Flower

Chamomile, a functional herb, is an immunity booster. It helps in fighting cancer, promotes good sleep, controls blood sugar level, relieves mentrual pain.


Binomial Name Matricaria Chamomilla Family Asteraceae Order Asterales Higher Classification Mayweed Genus Anthemis Matricaria Chamomilla, commonly known as chamomile or camomile is an annual plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Its name is derived from the Greek word ‘chamaimelon’ which means ‘ground apple’ because of its smell. Known for its healing properties in reducing stress, … Continue reading “Chamomile”

Valerian Rues


Water Hyssop

Binomial Name Bacopa Monnieri Family Scrophulariaceae Order Lamiales Higher Classification Water hyssop Genus Bacopa Bacopa Monnieri is a perennial, creeping, non-aromatic herb, that grows naturally in moist and wet places like the borders of streams, water channels, wells, and irrigated fields. It is native to Southern and Eastern India, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and North … Continue reading “Water Hyssop”


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