What causes Insomnia, really?

There are two aspects to the causality, One is biological, and the other physiological. Physiological factors essentially encompasses your mental engagements and tanglements that hold you back from restful sleep. Stress, anxiety, nervousness etc. Life situations like careers, deadlines, relationship issues, stressful times, financial crisis, etc…all lead to one basic underlying latent feeling….’Unsurity’. When we are working so hard on something and are so vested in how it turns out or are even dependent on the success of it….but are in absolutely no control of how its going to play out, we have a nagging feeling of uncertainty…which will not go away and the more we think about it, or ‘Worry’ of it, the worse it becomes.

We could be completely tired, and physically exhausted, and all tucked in and ready for bed after changing into your night clothes, brushing your teeth, tucking the kids away, but then you lay in bed…and the thoughts just slowly creep in, and the questions and the chain of possibilities play out again and again, and engage your emotions. You may get up to smoke a cigarette, or fix yourself a drink, hoping it’ll lull you to sleep, but the thoughts are still engaging…and sometimes, there are no thoughts at all….just still silence, but you keep turning your sides, tucking yourself deep inside your sheets, hoping to get a few winks in before your alarm goes off. Remember guys, the most important underlying aspect here, that causes #stress #anxiety #worrying #nervousness and resultatingly #insomnia Uncertainty. And its not your fault really… its your brain reacting to natural survival calamities. The processes in the brain and peripheral systems that accentuate the sleeplessness is mainly your neuronal pathways being overactive. Dendritic connections flying about everywhere, impinge on Neurotransmitter release… and mainly.. the Star of all your stress Hormones, Mr running about the corridors of your arteries and veins…putting you inn that ‘fight or flight’ mode. These stress hormones and neural synapses keep your brain and your mind active, and prevent the secretion of sleep hormones, such as Melatonin and Dimethyl Triptamine. Melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep, and it is secreted in all animals and birds as soon as the sun sets and darkness sets in. It is the reason that birds home in and animals head back to their shelters and their caves as the sun begins to set.

If a person is synced with their biorhythm, as soon as the clock approaches their bedtime, melatonin begins to secrete and they begin to feel sleepy and ready for bed. Once you are in the REM and NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) part of your sleepcycle, is when the pineal gland secretes DMT (Dimethyl triptamine) that is the ‘Dream Molecule’… We dream so as to make sense of this crazy world, too our Inner or Astral selves. Dreaming is very very important for our Conscious growth. If we cease to sleep or dream for a while, we could go clinically insane.


Now, when you are stressed or worried about stuff, whatever they could be, and you’ve tried counting all the sheep and it still doesn’t help you get two winks, what do you do?

Firstly, we need to calm that mind down. A hot bath or a warm glass of milk, before bed time helps for some, by regulating your circulation. Meditating, or listening to soft soothing music can definitely help with soothing your nerves. A cup of relaxing tea like Chamomile, Valerian, Passion Flower, etc…can be quite effective in calming your mind, and putting your ‘worry state’ off…to help lull you off to sleep..

What could be more effective, in the longer scheme of things… is addressing the issues, and learning to cope with or deal with them. Are you stressed bout that report or that deadline? Well, you’ll be able to get that done a lot better after a good night of rest. Is there someone you are worried about? Just Let go, and be content within yourself…maybe they will come back around when you’re in a better state yourself… Worried about something you don’t have control over? Well, worrying about it won’t help much either will it?

These are easier said than done… Insomnia results usually from chronic stress, but a simple trick that might help change the way you think about things, with some breathing techniques. The ancient practices of Yoga and Pranayama prescribe, that longer breaths put in more oxygen to your brain and that helps energy or the flow of ‘Chi’ that helps your mind be in a calmer and more placid state of mind. This helps create a more neutral or even positive thought pattern. Next time you’re panicking or having an anxiety attack, try to observe your breath.

Is it slow and long drawn, or is fast paced and short?

Practicing slow breathing techniques, combined with soft meditative music could help tremendously in achieving this tranquil state of mind. Tell yourself, (softly, gently, not so forcefully) …that “I am ready to fall asleep. I’ve had a long day and my body and mind deserve to rest”.

There’s plenty of sleep inducing tunes on youtube that you can download or play while you lull yourself, gently into a deep and well deserved restful sleep.