Happiness and Healing

Misery seeks company, and this is so true of the way our body functions. All our energy meridians are interconnected, and as noted by reiki masters and pranic healers, any physical disease or ailment first reflects in the auric energy layers of your being. Even something as mild as a common cold, shows its presence as a disturbance in the energy grids up to two weeks before the physical symptoms appear in your body.

Most ailments or sufferings, especially those that are chronic in nature, have an emotional or mental root cause. Any drift in a normal, blissful or peaceful State of being, causes disturbances in your mental balance. Stress, sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame are all parameters that tax your mind, and cause a derailment of a healthy, happy thought process.

Your Brain produces neurotransmitters…these are chemical messengers that spark or trigger specific thought patterns, hormonal reactions, and cascade a typical sort of biochemical reaction. For example, Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that insinuates happiness and love. So when a serotonin transduction occurs, your entire brain and body chemistry is centered toward happiness and bliss. Your heart rates are elevated, your circulatory and respiratory systems, etc are in rhythm, and your thoughts they are more open-minded, and less skeptical. You are thinking more of positive solutions than focusing on the problem. If for example, your mind is in a stressful or depressive mode, your serotonin and dopamine levels would be low, Cortisol (your stress reactive molecule) would be more in control of your biochemistry. When Cortisol runs high in your blood stream you are pretty much in fight or flight mode – Your decision making process is subjugated more for making immediate emergency-based thinking stimulus. You are not going to have faith or belief for a better future. Your thinking will be cramped with survival mode (lower thought vibration) tactics…and the decisions you make in this state, will of course come to destine your near future.

Happiness or Blissful thinking, however, releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, etc that help heal and create a positive stress-free mindset. How does one achieve these states in which these chemicals are released? Activities like Meditation, exercise, sex, dancing hard, laughing or even simply enjoying the company of friends and loved ones can help put you in this state. These activities also release endorphins and norepinephrines, which could act as painkillers and also help enhance your entire metabolic and respiratory pathways.