Medical Treatment VS Holistic Healing

If you or someone you care about has been suffering from a chronic condition…chances are you’ve looked into Holistic or Alternative Treatments…. There’s so many of them..and every one of them seems to have the Silver Bullet. Most alternative sciences seem to lack relevance… seem long winded… or you probably give It a try didn’t get much relief… and eventually or alongside seek help from trained Medical Doctors, that seem more finite, more reliable, probably get faster relief, and continued down that path…feeling unsure and kind of wondering if you’ve made the right decisions…

What is the Key difference between Western Medicine (Allopathy) and Holistic Healing?

There is one very fundamental difference.

The approach of Allopathy, is to alleviate the symptoms by ‘taking over’ the body’s functionality. Be it Drugs, or surgery, intrusive treatments or topical applications, the ‘Medium’ of treatment Overpowers the body’s own natural mechanisms, as opposed to any ‘Holistic’ Treatment, which simply helps the body by strengthening or Aligning itself to heal the cause of the ailment.

A simple example to understand this deferential in approach: Lets say you hurt yourself, and you have pain in your lower back. You go to a Doctor. They give you a ‘Painkiller’. This would numb the nerves that signal the area of injury to your brain, simply cutting off the ‘messenger’. As long as the pill is in effect, your pain is gone (or at least improved) and you get along your day. When the ‘effect’ of the pill subsides, and you start to feel the pain, you take another pill.

A ‘Holistic’ approach to treat the back pain would be either massaging the area, to supplicate blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Allow your body to stretch, ‘feel’ the root of the pain, and resolve it. Maybe, acupuncture needles inserted in the right areas could pinch out the nerves and overcome any ‘blockages’ in the energetic flow or ‘Chi’ in the area of pain. Essentially, instead of ‘numbing’ the pain, or temporarily alleviating the ‘symptom’ of the issue, Holistic therapy seeks to explore the pain, get to the root cause of the discomfort, and heal the causality, to ensure that the pain is treated permanently.

Of course, this is a very simple example. But the principle of this philosophy is the same in treating any and every medical condition. Especially chronic conditions, in which only the ‘symptom’ of the illness is subdued, and the root cause is ignored. A more versatile example would be the treatment of Diabetes.

Diabetes is a widespread ailment, in the United States alone, it is a 300,000 Billion Dollar industry! What is diabetes, really? It is a condition in which Blood Sugar levels are elevated (or low). This happens because ‘Insulin’ a hormone who’s sole mission is to maintain Blood Sugar levels, is out of sync. Insulin is produced in an organ called the Pancreas. In a healthy human being, the Pancreas secrete just the right amount of insulin, to break down the sugar (glucose) ingested in your body. So diabetes is not ‘high blood sugar’. That is the Symptom. The Root Cause is an imbalance in Insulin Secretion. This could be due to a malfunction in the Pancreas. So the ‘holistic’ approach, or the common sense approach, would be to fix the Pancreas right? Seems pretty obvious!

Drugs Pharma
But the ‘Medical’ approach is to inject insulin into the blood, or (in initial stages) ingest pharmaceutical compounds that ‘Curb’ Sugar levels. The problem with this approach, is that not only does it Not address the actual root cause at all, it also kind of masks the ‘pain’ or symptom which is actually a signal for the body to repair itself. Additionally, ingesting Synthetic chemicals in the body creates further imbalance in your body’s morphology.

As long as your body is in imbalance, it will NOT be able to heal itself. Hence, as long as you are under pharmaceutical treatment, your root cause will never disappear. You will keep creating symptoms, and keep requiring ‘medication’ to keep your symptoms in check. Which is quite an ingenious business structure, wouldn’t you think?
Most people that decide to ‘explore’ holistic treatments, usually continue their Doctors prescription, and try holistic treatments on the side. Which seems like a smart thing to do, because it eliminates the risk of “What if it doesn’t work..?” and also of course, gives relief from the symptoms.

In some cases, this may be appropriate, and workable, but in most instances, unfortunately, the medications themselves hinder the ‘Natural’ healing of the body, and the patient eventually gives up on the Holistic treatment. Mainly because, the Pharmaceutical medications are Fast Acting and Powerfully active.

The important thing to Understand, when it comes to Holistic Healing, is that it is a Slow and Gradient process. Not necessarily slow… but it does take a natural amount of time for the body to bring itself into balance. Also, since there isn’t much ‘scientific literature’ and Clinical Trials that prove the efficacy of these treatments, it is a bit of a deterrent in the ‘Trust and Faith’ process.

Whatever Holistic treatment you choose, have faith, give it time, stick to the process, and know that your body is healing itself at all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional as well as Spiritual (Energetic). Believe in yourself, choose a practitioner that you can trust and feel safe with, and more importantly, KNOW that being in a Healthful state, IS your Body’s goal. So, as long as you allow it to heal, and do all the right things, you Will be Alright.