Bhushan Makhey

Wow…can’t thank you enough. …the Energy Tea …really works….I passed a difficult exam courtesy increased alertness n freshness after starting having this tea…..deepest gratitude to you…. I feel alive again…


I absolutely love Synerveda Teas, I use the breatheezy to help with my asthma and nasal congestion. The taste and flavor is a bit strong, kind of pungent, but they’re really effective and does the job!

Mithun Purandare

The Energy Tea is an excellent blend… It wakes me up and takes me from being Fatigued to Full Power Energy Zone. I would definitely recommend this Tea as a Natural Pre-Work out or Energy Booster.

Katherine P.

My favorite is Energy Tea, which is truly an energy booster. It elevates your mood and keeps you happily active! I’m an herbal tea drinker and like the combination of flavors. I recommend honey to sweeten the beverage – makes a big difference. This tea is also great as a cooling and refreshing ice tea.

Minakshi S.

When I first made the tea I was wondering what is this?? Powder tea?? The taste too was different. . More like an ayurveda tea. As I sipped my mug carefully I enjoyed the taste. I loved it. It worked like magic. Every time I had a lot of work my assistant would make me … Continue reading “Minakshi S.”

Dr Gayatri P

These teas truly are functional. And very very effective. I have been prescribing Relaxie – Tea to my patients with anxiety and stress disorders and it has helped them tremendously

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