Ayurveda – Evidence Based Medicine? Or Folklore?

‘Ayur’ = Life ‘Veda’ = Science Ayurveda by definition, is the ‘Science of Life’ Ayurveda is not just a ‘medical treatment’…it is a way of life. Written by Sushruta Samhita, in about 3000 BC, Ayurveda is a body of texts that defines the ideal conditions, foods, treatments, practices, etc. that is best suited for the … Continue reading “Ayurveda – Evidence Based Medicine? Or Folklore?”

5 Essential Facts for Burning Fat

We’re always looking for that Magic bullet, like a remarkably fad diet, the latest innovation in diet pills, or a supplement with proven results. And then we get so dependent on its magic, that we forget that this supplement or pill is just an aide to the body processes that actually cause fat burn and … Continue reading “5 Essential Facts for Burning Fat”


Detoxification essentially refers to the elimination of toxins or ‘accumulated wastes’ from the body. To understand entirely, what Detoxification entails, let’s first understand what the composition of your body is. Your body, according to Ayurvedic principles is composed of 7 layers, or Dhatus.. which are: 1. Blood and Lymph 2. Skin and Muscles 3. Organs 4. … Continue reading “Detoxification”

10 Natural Ways to release Endorphins

What are Endorphins? Endorphins are hormones, released from the adrenal and pituitary glands. They help the body endure pain and maintain a calm demeanor during high stress situations. A rush of Endorphins produces a sense of euphoria and tranquility. They are our body’s natural painkillers, but a mild endorphin release can be achieved with some … Continue reading “10 Natural Ways to release Endorphins”

Medical Treatment VS Holistic Healing

If you or someone you care about has been suffering from a chronic condition…chances are you’ve looked into Holistic or Alternative Treatments…. There’s so many of them..and every one of them seems to have the Silver Bullet. Most alternative sciences seem to lack relevance… seem long winded… or you probably give It a try didn’t … Continue reading “Medical Treatment VS Holistic Healing”

Does Alkaline Water help Cure diseases?

There’s been a lot of hype these days with ‘Alkaline’ water and its potential benefits. Manufacturers of Alkaline Water machines claim that it helps with Cancer, reducing weight, and also helps reduce ‘Acidity’ from your gut. Tons of people, especially healers and people suffering from chronic ailments have been installing these Filters and buying bottled … Continue reading “Does Alkaline Water help Cure diseases?”

Why and How to Meditate

Malti Bhojwani (Life Coach, Author) Why Maditate? 1. Create the habit of sitting with yourself twice a day by practice 2. Switch off phone twice a day 3. Give yourself the opportunity to just BE you and BE WITH you 4. In that time your mind will do what it needs to do 5. It … Continue reading “Why and How to Meditate”

Green Tea vs Synerveda Teas – A Comparison of Effects

Tea tiː/(noun): A hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. The idea of making a ‘Tea’ has been known to man since ancient times. Boiling leaves, root, bark, flowers of plants in order to draw out the excipients has been practiced by Shamans and Plant Medicine … Continue reading “Green Tea vs Synerveda Teas – A Comparison of Effects”

Happiness and Healing

Misery seeks company, and this is so true of the way our body functions. All our energy meridians are interconnected, and as noted by reiki masters and pranic healers, any physical disease or ailment first reflects in the auric energy layers of your being. Even something as mild as a common cold, shows its presence … Continue reading “Happiness and Healing”


What causes Insomnia, really? There are two aspects to the causality, One is biological, and the other physiological. Physiological factors essentially encompasses your mental engagements and tanglements that hold you back from restful sleep. Stress, anxiety, nervousness etc. Life situations like careers, deadlines, relationship issues, stressful times, financial crisis, etc…all lead to one basic underlying … Continue reading “Insomnia”

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